Nothing is impossible…

… especially with physics such as the one from Surgeon Simulator 2013. Let me write a bit about the game again. I just love it. First, it was only meant as a joke during a game jam, then it became so much more. I still consider it underrated, for many people are too frustrated and not relentless enough to play more than five minutes, to finally call the game crap. In fact, SS13 is an adroit combination of fun, challenge, improbable physics’ unexpected effects, and surgery. All the fun lies in the expectation of an unforeseen occurrence, because of how random it can be. And the frustration should quickly transform in a craving for success ! To those criticizing the lack of realism, let me tell you : this is a GAME, dammit ! Not a real surgery emulator.



I played for more than forty five hours so far, and these will not be my last ! And during all this time, like many others, I did something nobody imagined would be possible to do. I will now explain.

Earlier this year SS13 was ported to tablets, and two new surgeries were introduced : eyes & teeth transplants. It also came out later on PS4, and PC users began to think they were abandoned. Of course they were not, and so appeared the “Anniversary Edition” DLC, first buyable content for the game (all other updates had been free). Bought it as soon as I knew ! It was time to operate again…


During one if my many attempts, on a corridor eye transplant, as I was about to smash the glasses with the hammer, my forefinger got stuck in an eye socket (as seen in this video, at 00:30). Many other hours later, tired if trying to accomplish an A++ surgery, I decided to mess around, proceeding to an eye transplant without removing Bob’s glasses. At first, concentrated on my moves, I was not surprised at all to see it happen. I finally grasped the situation fully at the first screenshot, astonished by the accomplishment.

Not sure if it had already been done, thinking it probably had (because it always has), I posted it on YT and tweeted it to SS13’s twitter account. Few hours later, my twitter notifications got a little crazy, and I realized I had done something awesome. And here are we, a month later, finding greatness in my mail.


Let me use my humble words again, to thank the amazing job done for an amazing game, by an amazing studio. Thank you for making what you make, and please continue creating wonderful entertaining things !

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Daily Stuff #9 – Zero of Time

So I told you about our trip to Francfort during the summer. And about the printing of an ocarina. My brother got extremely hype for this. Here is a little something that happened :



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Daily Stuff #8 – Positive people

wc8 - fa_small

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Jay’s Random Weekly Mix n°02 : Computer & music

jrwm copie

Here we go again for the Random Weekly Mix ! From now on, if something interesting happened during the week, an RWM will be posted on Sunday. So here we go !



New free to play on Steam, created entirely by a 16-yo. This game is truly amazingly addictive and well done. Still in its early stages, the game is already pretty complete. What is it ? A survival on a small continent, PvE or PvP, with crafts, wood-cutting, rock-mining, car driving, swimming, walking, running, dying, eating, drinking, dying again, and eventually maybe building a base. The game will soon be compatible with the workshop, letting everybody create custom content, meaning MOAR content. Game on !

Also, even if the game is free, you can buy a Gold Upgrade for five bucks to support the dev. Not much for a game you know you will play a lot, coming with few sweet features.


And remember, kids. Don’t jump from a driving car, or this will happen.

     New PC


Yup ! I did it. Finally got my first very own desktop. Ordered on, french website for IT products, the little baby was ready to take 2 days later. I build it in the afternoon with the brother, and after a few hours of installing software and transferring data, IT WAS READY !

What’s in it ? i5 4690K, Z97 Gaming 5, &  GTX 770. 100% Silent, by the way.


So, of course, now that I own a beast, I can finally stream nicely ! Portions of the past broadcasts may end up on YouTube if worth it. Why streaming ? I have been wandering around the website for a long time, and I like the content of the people if follow. The simply share their passion for gaming, and expose their gaming experiences. I enjoy the idea, and that’s the reason.


I also bought myself a bass, considering playing emulated bass had SO MANY limits and downsides. Long-neck Cort. The lil guy’s called Natsu. Say hi to the internet ! Am learning bass thanks to Rocksmith, and I will probably stream it a bit from time to time.


That’s all for this week ! See yah, folks. Stay awesome~

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Jay’s Random Weekly Mix n°01 : Games, plastic, cats & bird.

jrwm copie

Welcome again, wanderer of the word wide web ! Today, I will try to introduce a type of article that should supposedly be done quite regularly. The reasons behind this go by the number of two. First, my articles (& comics) tend to be long and perfected, so I do not post as often as I wish I would. Then, these would be little mix of everything I want, shorter and quicker to write. Here comes the first !

     Next Gen, here we come…

I accompanied someone to the game store few days ago, so that the infamous new Playstation 4 could be bought ! I then witnessed the beauty of the graphics, compared to the older sister. So what’s the deal ? Oh, dear. It is nearer to what a PC could accomplish – laugh. Anyway : yes, it is better. So. Much. Better.

Worth 449€ with the game inFamous : Second Son, the console is, like its rivals, pretty expensive. If you think about it, it is approximately the same price as a very decent desktop computer. The PS4 is black, and other than that, I have no clue, because i did not study it closer ! The controller, however, is a nice evolution of its predecessor, with its little touchpad, and the forever useless – but forever adored – backlighting (note that the color changes often). As for inFamous, it is an interesting game that seems worse playing. Destructible environments, super powers, tagging, choosing between good & evil, investigating, kicking asses. The Last of Us : Remastered is, like supposed, a lot more beautiful. Now waiting for Destiny ! What will it bring ?

For now, though, there are no real interesting exclusive available – or at least announced. The only game that caught our interest so far is No Man’s Sky : open world, exploration, awesome design, SPAAAAACE !

    …or maybe not just yet.

As for me, I asked to be prevented from buying any games before entering the store. I came out with three… No Next Gen, I only now start to play the PS3 ! Tales of Symphonia Remastered, Zone of the Enders, & Killer is Dead. Time to squat the television.

     If you ain’t got one, make one.

Speaking of roadtrip… We visited friends in Frankfurt for a few days (two comics incoming, only colo needs to be done). And there, was a 3D printer… Needless to say, we made it work 24/7 : Mass Effect‘s Carnifex, Portal‘s companion cube, d20 dices, and Zelda‘s ocarina. It’s awesome ! I cannot stop to imagine how fantastic it would be to print your props for cosplay. Plastic heated to 230°, pretty solid when printed.


The daughter of the family is making awesome models with blender, and printing them. Link soon.

     And another one.

The TeamSpeak homies got me a key for the second closed beta of ArcheAge while I was gone. It started yesterday, after a one-hour delay in the schedule. The most amazing thing in it is, of course, the character’s creation menu – even better than the Sims ! You can change absolutely everything in your face. The humanoid all have korean faces. Guys look quite… feminine. Everybody I knew wanted to create a woman. And I, choose to create an handsome kitty-dude. Meow !

IMG_3330 - Copie

The game is an MMORPG sandbox. Basics : you have quests, you need to kill monsters, rescue poor souls, talk to people, run from here to there, kill monsters again, talk to other people, get rewards, and reroll.  You can build your house, I heard. You get a pet you can grow & ride around lvl10. Mine ? A LION. A FREAKING LION ! *sunglasses on*

I basically do not like MMORPGs. I tried many times, though. Ragnarok, Mythos, and such. I just do not get the vibe everyone has. I may be enthusiastic for few days, but then I completely stop. Will this one be different ? Maybe. Or maybe I will just want to show off my kitty-dude.

     Title said ‘bird’, what ‘bird’ ?

Two years ago, bro & I saved a bird from our old cat in the garden. We kept it a bit at home, so that he could heal calmly, protected form predators. Sadly, one night, he died from a cardiac arrest. Three weeks ago, as Asdranor was coming to our place, he almost ran over a little guy on the boulevard, few meters from here. We took it home. He is fine, friendly, charismatic, growing – and despite what some said on the Internet, still quite alive! And the cats ? Mine is scared as hell, the other do not care. Being quite famous on a french gamer forum (don’t ask me why), we finally got him to social medias. So if you want to follow the guy, here it is : Jason Jay.

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Daily Stuff #7 – Failed flirt… ?

wc7 - fail (colo)

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And suddenly, an unexpected trip to Paris. (2/2)

Following my article about the Japan Expo during my unexpected trip to Paris, here is something else I did : visiting Museum with my mum. She is a (amateur, she says !) photographer, and it is pretty nice to go photography viewing with her !

Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP)

‘European House for Photography’, if you really want to translate the name. This is an awesome place for photography lovers, but also for people that do not know anything about it and just want to enjoy it for a bit.

IMG_2155This time, there was a beautiful exhibition by photographer Françoise Hugier. There were few different themes exposed. Above, are my favorite pictures, ending up as phone and desktop wallpaper. There were gigantic, on a wall, with a third one I did not like as much. It was a small part of the exhibition, in one room, with pictures taken in Siberia.

Exhibition at the Rodin Museum : Mapplethrope / Rodin

mapple roddin

It was amazing ! Mapplethrope is an amazing photographer, even if you do not particularly enjoy the work he did on masculine genitalia. My favorite picture of the exhibition was the watermeloon, and I would not even know why. Along with his work was sculptor Rodin’s work. His hands, damn ! Just look at them. The movement is so perfectly done.

Why put the two of them together, you may ask ? This is quite simple. Through their work, they both considered the human body as sculpture, experimenting with texture, etc. It was extremely interesting to see the link between a photograph and a sculpture, two very different things, seen through the eyes of different people, at very different times, but we the same idea.

Study on flowers

IMG_2243The Rodin Museum is a private Museum, with a very nice garden and a small castle. I took a few shots of the amazing roses growing in there. Turned out pretty nicely. Sadly, as the museum was closing, I could not take so many.

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There’s a Gaben in GamingTown : hide your wallet, hide your card.

Hey, folks. It is that time of the year again… Steam Summer Sales are back. Like every seasons, we fear them, hate them… and crave for them. We cannot wait, while thinking they would better never come again. Definitely an awesome time to get the most out of cheapness, anyway ! I never regretted a game I bought – expect for maybe one… a very shitty one : the price of a tramway ticket, the annoying-ness of a terrible trip.

The concept of the sale this summer : a board game. Players are separated into different teams. Crafting badges get your team points. By the end of the day, a team wins, and thirty lucky players get a free game from their wishlist. Got #TeamPurple – my favorite color. And we already won day 1, leading day 2 !

steamsummersales (colo)

As few friends consult me, every time, I decided to live-tweet the sales, giving tips on what to buy / vote. I wish my humble opinion will eventually help you ! The article will be updated couple times a day. Enjoy !

Monaco is one of my all-time favorite games. Multiplayer or solo, the missions are really challenging, each character giving a whole different gameplay. If the story does not interest most of the players, there is still some nice ring to it, making the game even more charming. A zombie mode and multiple levels have been added since April 2013, not to mention the variety of work-shop levels by users. As for the FPS games… well, they are underrated. Meaning they are, in fact, pretty good.

The game Thomas Was Alone is a very nice little platformer with an amazing soundtrack. The story going on is not such a big deal, but narration actually adds a touching bit. Also, I really want to buy The BridgeDino Orion : The Horde, one of the so-called underrated FPS. The game has a deplorable metascore, and reviews used to present it as “ultrabuggy”, that “could have been good but is not”. The game was entirely remade since, and people just love it. Did not play yet, but wanted it for quite some time, now. An FPS with dinosaurs cannot disappoint. Never.

Here, it really depends on your own tastes. I love all four of these games, but they are quite different. Natural Selection is a co-op alien extermination. Sanctum is a tower-defense, more of a strategy thing. Killing Floor is a wave-by-wave zombie hunt. Payday is a batch of heists. Caution, skill needed.

Age of Empires II (HD remix), for those of you who miss the old times, and want to keep LANning old-style. Multi issues resolved (ohw yeah !), graphics slightly ameliorated. Stanley Parable, one of the best narrative experience you could ever have, and so much more to say – damn, I really love this one. Terraria, to play with friends (or not), awesome little survival. Surgeon Simulator 2013 – also one of my favorites -, a fun challenging parody of the “simulator” concept. Rocksmith 2014, a serious Guitar Hero, to actually learn playing guitar / bass.

This summer, interesting promotions are getting rare… For me, mostly because I already own most of the game I though to have a great – or alright – potential. But also because there is no cheap enough / good enough game available ! Damn. What’s up, Valve ? Wake up ! Give us meat to chew on ! Well, well. Today, I recommend Borderlands 2 – again, a personal favorite. Variety in characters and gameplay, awesome world design, funny quests. Add Sleeping Dogs to it. Apparently, Reckonning is also worth it !

Rogue Legacy is fun, challenging, and you will probably want to rage-quit. Faster Than Light is not my thing, but even if I do not like / play, I know when to recognize a great game – strategy & spaceships, go for it. Castle Crasher  is a nice little game, advancing through stages and killing mobs – easy concept, lot of fun. Magicka is the game that will make you hate your friends for throwing fireballs at you… inadvertently – it is still very enjoyable. Awesomnauts is there for .99 $ only, better grab it. I just tried very quickly, but, well… definitely worth one buck. It is the MOBA for people that do not like MOBAs – and people that like MOBAs – : platformer 2D, 3v3, cartoonish graphics, lot of content. Reminder for Surgeon Simulator 2013 !

Brothers, A Tale of Two Sons, a co-op with yourself, a beautiful adventure accompanied by awesome landscapes. For people having trust issues, I guess it is the choice. The Blackwell Legacy, first point-an-click of a series of five, that are short, but very good. It is not .44$ anymore, but 1.12$. Worth it. The others are the same price, except for the last one. Then I just bought The Lego Movie Videogame – mixed feelings in the reviews, still more good ones than bad ones, seeming pretty enjoyable (and damned, I loved the movie).

World of Goo is a little game where you need to think to construct Goos-made towers, in order to finish the levels (.99$). Bastion, sweet little action-RPG, by the same guys that recently did Transistor – and you will like that one too (around 2$).

Mirror’s Edge is a classic, if you do not own it already, go for it – first person, beautiful environment, escape. Gianna SistersThey Bleed Pixels are 2D platformers. The first one was greenlit some time ago, you need to collect gems, etc in order to save your sister – Trine-like, except it is solo. Second is a Super Meat Boy-like, with sword battle. Then the big guns : Batman and Bioshock, no need to say more.

Mass Effect is a great series of games (maybe not the third…), definitely worth playing. Go save the universe !

Trine is platform game, in which you can play three different characters, solo or co-op. One of the greatest. Lot of fun. Play the magician that can move objects, the robber with her bow & arrows, or the knight along with sword & shield. Dishonored is a classic. Stealth or genocide – choose your style. Goat Simulator is a complete parody, that was not even supposed to see the public’s light. Great it actually did ! Alice Madness Returns is an awesome piece of work, gameplay wise & world design wise. Dark, beautiful, challenging.

Deus Ex is also one of those fantastic “stealth or massacre” games, one of the best to be precise – if not the best. Alan Wake is a survival horror, telling the story of a very handsome writer that somehow gets the reality mixed up with his novels. Light is your safe-haven, and your weapon. If you have heart problems, do NOT play. Reus is a quite enjoyable game, based on creating life with basic elements, and evolving nature, managing villages, etc.

That is all for this time. Hope you still got a bit left to eat your next meals… !

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cute colo - Copie

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Games & money : a guide to gaming for cheap, and playing to earn.

Gaming can sometimes be expensive. Or is it, really ? If you are one of those who buy every big licence for sixty bucks on pre-order, duh. If you just download entire games in ‘playable demo’, not at all. But buying your games and owning them is always better, and there are so many ways to keep your money in the safe. Instead of buying titles that just came out and are the most expensive they can ever be, waiting for promotions is already a pretty efficient manner ! Then, there are several tricks to get games for very cheap, all the time, and even get money from them.

     Gaming for cheap

Alright. First thing worth mentioning : gaming platforms. Steam, Desura, Origin, U-play… Instead of buying your games physically, you get everything through downloads. Legal downloads. You buy your titles and get them on the platform forever. No more scratch on your CDs, no more dozens of boxes all around your room. Just a list of hundred games on your screen. In general, digital games are cheaper, and the price is lessened now & then. Desura is mostly for indie games, and you will find cheap or free pieces of work on it. Origin is made by EA and U-play by Ubisoft, for their own games only. Now let us speak a bit more about the last one : Steam is by Valve Corporation, with games by Valve, and so many others. It developed incredibly over the last ten years, and now counts more than 3 000 available games, as well as non-gaming software since 2012, and some social features associated with your gaming experience (community, sharing, friends, groups…). Since 2012 also, Steam Greenlight lets developers introduce their games to the community to vote for the ones that will be newly added to the platform, and early-acces (alpha / beta) games became an option too. Every day, there are offers. Sometimes, you get coupons. Every holiday there is, the steam sales make everyone go crazy, throwing money at their screen(s) : games become very cheap, from -10 to -90%, and deals change each day. This is truly paradise. To make it even crazier, you get achievements from participating in the sales by buying games.

Then : Bundles. They are the future. From 5 to 10 games worth around 150 bucks, for just 5$ during several days, usually already profitable if you only want one or two of the whole package. That is how I got my 350 games worth 2 000$ for not even a quarter of it. On the deepness of the internet, lie multiple websites made just for these. Not to mention sometimes a key for Steam AND Desura are given, so you can gift to your friends – DRM-free too. Here is a list of the mostly used ones.

Humble Bundle ( X ) : name your price starting from 1$, beat the average (usually between 3.50 & 6) to get more games, support charity. Bundles for PC & Android, weekly bundles, as well as the humble store with promotions all the time. Apart from the bundles, a store with discount is also on the website.

Indie Gala ( X ) : a new bundle every Monday, three other bundles available at the same time. – ” Pay what you want. Support causes. Get awesome games. “ – Same as HB, there is the GalaStore full of promotions.

Indie Royale ( X ) : the more people buy the bundle, the pricier it gets. If you pay more than average, the price goes down for the others.

Bundle Stars ( X ) : up to 15 games for 2 to 3€. Also with a store.

Groupees ( X ) : various bundles, being games, ebooks, music or others. I am buying the current Be mine 13, by the way.

Nuuvem ( X ) : Brazilian website where prices are sometimes cheaper than Europe, considering 1€ = 3R$.

G2PLAY ( X ) : discounts on games.

Green Man Gaming ( X ) : fantastic deals all the time. From indies to big licences – even pre-orders -, -25% on a long list of games every week, most of the time addable to other promotions. My personal all-time favorite. I probably got a quarter of my library here !

So, in short, yeah. If you want to spend less, be patient. Watch out for the daily deals, and grab them while you can. Just check once in a while, when your wallet lets you.

     Playing to earn

Again, I will write about Steam. And why, again, it is an awesome way to either spend, or earn money. Since last summer, cards drop while you play a participating game (as of yet, almost every game) – and when I say “while you play”, I mean you can actually idle through five games launched at the same time, and bake some cake listening to your computer roaring. What is the point ? Collecting the cards, exchanging them, crafting badges to get a higher Steam level – and show how much of a real gamer you are -, customizing your profile with backgrounds and showcases… If you choose the collector’s way, you will very likely spend money to get the badges. If you do not, on the contrary, you will earn, bit by bit. Sell the cards that drop, and here you go ! You could even be able to get few games for free in the next sale.

Associated with Steam, there are the GalaGiveaways ( X ). The more games you have, the more point you get. Points are used to enter a giveaway. A giveway is made by a player to distribute a key for a game he does not want/already has. After a random choice is made, the winner gets the key. You will need luck, but, come one. It is free.

This year, another method appeared. Playfire (picture above is the slogan – and it is great). Playfire is a game tracking website/software by the same people doing GreenManGaming. Right now, this is still a quite buggy beta, but this is what most of you probably though at least once : “I wish I could get paid to play video games…”. Well, you can, dude. For launching a game for the first time, and achieving this or that, you can earn credit (from £0.10 to £0.50) to buy yet other games ! Cheap, and cheaper. There are currently a lot of rewards every day, and because it is summer, it is the occasion to get to work – as one of my steam-friend always says. Good way to encourage you or motivate you to play one game more than another when you do not know which to chose, too. To register, go there.

GMG and Playfire are currently talking about a closed beta… Hope to be in, and see what little wonder they will bring to us.


Spend the minimum to have the maximum.

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