Welcome to my magnificent cavern full of various uninteresting things, lying here in the deepness of the Internet…

Most first articles are made as an introduction to what will follow, blogs being modeled as structured novels, and posts as random chapters about various subjects. I guess I will not be any original, then, because the pattern of this blog will quite certainly be similar to any other. Oh, but I can probably make promises about the content ! From every tiny letter to all the numerous punctuation marks that I use, the whole was, is, and will only be coming from the tip of my very fingers jumping between keys with enthusiasm, as dictates my central unit of thoughts formation. Obviously, I intend to distinguish my way of broaching thematic in my future tries at writing on the white board. Although I mean not necessarily to appeal to a public. Of course, it would be my pleasure to occasionally get wanderers stumbling upon my humble scribbles the enjoyment of a reading, nonetheless it is definitely not the main objective. So be it, and I hope my too-long sentences, too-many comas, as well as regular digressions will not be a bore for the eye too soon…

f*ck yeahWell now, let us start at the beginning. I am your host there, and I shall present myself in a sufficient manner. On the wildness of the Internet, I go by many names, the latest one of them being J. Mad – coming from a peculiar story that will not be told as of yet. My person is still in its young twenties, attending University in order to master Bioinformatics and create modern medias foreducational sciences purposes in the future. I consider myself quite ambitious, if not too much, it getting in the way of myself achieving anything at all, most of the time. Phenomenal laziness is probably a factor to take into the equation as well… No matter : dreaming big is my way, reaching for it is just a matter of efforts and time. My hobbies, to list a few, involve drawing (changing styles every so often, but I have been slacking off terribly for some time), photography (black & white mostly, developing in my own lab), writing (couples of short stories here an there, as well as a fine book in progress), reading (sadly, I admit to not taking the time to anymore), cosplaying (small new dedication to a creative pastime), air rifle (concentrating and relaxing, I assure), and playing video games (oh, sweet sin, how much you consume my time !). Over the years, lucky to have parents like mine, I developed a real passion for foreign languages and traveling, and am now able to string words fluently enough together in French (mother tongue), English (really), German (getting forgotten), and Japanese (no lie, I swear). This is who I am, and it is nice having you read through my post.

You may wonder about the reasons behind this blog, and I am wondering along. Writing is a need, a will, a desire. Even if I am not heard, I will write, about whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want. I just choose the internet, rather than plain paper – but I do appreciate writing with a pen too. Also, I love the sound of the keys being pushed at the rhythm of the sentences flying through my mind : there are people that listen to themselves speaking, I prefer listening to the melody of myself typing. That is how it is, and how it will stay.

yoloBe my guest, aimless stranger ! Have a nice scrolling, and could my few lines of murky words be of any fancy use to you.



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