Nothing is impossible…

… especially with physics such as the one from Surgeon Simulator 2013. Let me write a bit about the game again. I just love it. First, it was only meant as a joke during a game jam, then it became so much more. I still consider it underrated, for many people are too frustrated and not relentless enough to play more than five minutes, to finally call the game crap. In fact, SS13 is an adroit combination of fun, challenge, improbable physics’ unexpected effects, and surgery. All the fun lies in the expectation of an unforeseen occurrence, because of how random it can be. And the frustration should quickly transform in a craving for success ! To those criticizing the lack of realism, let me tell you : this is a GAME, dammit ! Not a real surgery emulator.



I played for more than forty five hours so far, and these will not be my last ! And during all this time, like many others, I did something nobody imagined would be possible to do. I will now explain.

Earlier this year SS13 was ported to tablets, and two new surgeries were introduced : eyes & teeth transplants. It also came out later on PS4, and PC users began to think they were abandoned. Of course they were not, and so appeared the “Anniversary Edition” DLC, first buyable content for the game (all other updates had been free). Bought it as soon as I knew ! It was time to operate again…


During one if my many attempts, on a corridor eye transplant, as I was about to smash the glasses with the hammer, my forefinger got stuck in an eye socket (as seen in this video, at 00:30). Many other hours later, tired if trying to accomplish an A++ surgery, I decided to mess around, proceeding to an eye transplant without removing Bob’s glasses. At first, concentrated on my moves, I was not surprised at all to see it happen. I finally grasped the situation fully at the first screenshot, astonished by the accomplishment.

Not sure if it had already been done, thinking it probably had (because it always has), I posted it on YT and tweeted it to SS13’s twitter account. Few hours later, my twitter notifications got a little crazy, and I realized I had done something awesome. And here are we, a month later, finding greatness in my mail.


Let me use my humble words again, to thank the amazing job done for an amazing game, by an amazing studio. Thank you for making what you make, and please continue creating wonderful entertaining things !


About J. Mad

Sleep deprived bioinformatics student. Traveler. VG addict. FGC Mama. Barmaid & amateur voice. Jack-of-all-trades with too many passions. FR / ENG / DE / JP
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