Jay’s Random Weekly Mix n°02 : Computer & music

jrwm copie

Here we go again for the Random Weekly Mix ! From now on, if something interesting happened during the week, an RWM will be posted on Sunday. So here we go !



New free to play on Steam, created entirely by a 16-yo. This game is truly amazingly addictive and well done. Still in its early stages, the game is already pretty complete. What is it ? A survival on a small continent, PvE or PvP, with crafts, wood-cutting, rock-mining, car driving, swimming, walking, running, dying, eating, drinking, dying again, and eventually maybe building a base. The game will soon be compatible with the workshop, letting everybody create custom content, meaning MOAR content. Game on !

Also, even if the game is free, you can buy a Gold Upgrade for five bucks to support the dev. Not much for a game you know you will play a lot, coming with few sweet features.


And remember, kids. Don’t jump from a driving car, or this will happen.

     New PC


Yup ! I did it. Finally got my first very own desktop. Ordered on Materiel.net, french website for IT products, the little baby was ready to take 2 days later. I build it in the afternoon with the brother, and after a few hours of installing software and transferring data, IT WAS READY !

What’s in it ? i5 4690K, Z97 Gaming 5, &  GTX 770. 100% Silent, by the way.


So, of course, now that I own a beast, I can finally stream nicely ! Portions of the past broadcasts may end up on YouTube if worth it. Why streaming ? I have been wandering around the website for a long time, and I like the content of the people if follow. The simply share their passion for gaming, and expose their gaming experiences. I enjoy the idea, and that’s the reason.


I also bought myself a bass, considering playing emulated bass had SO MANY limits and downsides. Long-neck Cort. The lil guy’s called Natsu. Say hi to the internet ! Am learning bass thanks to Rocksmith, and I will probably stream it a bit from time to time.


That’s all for this week ! See yah, folks. Stay awesome~


About J. Mad

Sleep deprived bioinformatics student. Traveler. VG addict. FGC Mama. Barmaid & amateur voice. Jack-of-all-trades with too many passions. FR / ENG / DE / JP
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