Jay’s Random Weekly Mix n°01 : Games, plastic, cats & bird.

jrwm copie

Welcome again, wanderer of the word wide web ! Today, I will try to introduce a type of article that should supposedly be done quite regularly. The reasons behind this go by the number of two. First, my articles (& comics) tend to be long and perfected, so I do not post as often as I wish I would. Then, these would be little mix of everything I want, shorter and quicker to write. Here comes the first !

     Next Gen, here we come…

I accompanied someone to the game store few days ago, so that the infamous new Playstation 4 could be bought ! I then witnessed the beauty of the graphics, compared to the older sister. So what’s the deal ? Oh, dear. It is nearer to what a PC could accomplish – laugh. Anyway : yes, it is better. So. Much. Better.

Worth 449€ with the game inFamous : Second Son, the console is, like its rivals, pretty expensive. If you think about it, it is approximately the same price as a very decent desktop computer. The PS4 is black, and other than that, I have no clue, because i did not study it closer ! The controller, however, is a nice evolution of its predecessor, with its little touchpad, and the forever useless – but forever adored – backlighting (note that the color changes often). As for inFamous, it is an interesting game that seems worse playing. Destructible environments, super powers, tagging, choosing between good & evil, investigating, kicking asses. The Last of Us : Remastered is, like supposed, a lot more beautiful. Now waiting for Destiny ! What will it bring ?

For now, though, there are no real interesting exclusive available – or at least announced. The only game that caught our interest so far is No Man’s Sky : open world, exploration, awesome design, SPAAAAACE !

    …or maybe not just yet.

As for me, I asked to be prevented from buying any games before entering the store. I came out with three… No Next Gen, I only now start to play the PS3 ! Tales of Symphonia Remastered, Zone of the Enders, & Killer is Dead. Time to squat the television.

     If you ain’t got one, make one.

Speaking of roadtrip… We visited friends in Frankfurt for a few days (two comics incoming, only colo needs to be done). And there, was a 3D printer… Needless to say, we made it work 24/7 : Mass Effect‘s Carnifex, Portal‘s companion cube, d20 dices, and Zelda‘s ocarina. It’s awesome ! I cannot stop to imagine how fantastic it would be to print your props for cosplay. Plastic heated to 230°, pretty solid when printed.


The daughter of the family is making awesome models with blender, and printing them. Link soon.

     And another one.

The TeamSpeak homies got me a key for the second closed beta of ArcheAge while I was gone. It started yesterday, after a one-hour delay in the schedule. The most amazing thing in it is, of course, the character’s creation menu – even better than the Sims ! You can change absolutely everything in your face. The humanoid all have korean faces. Guys look quite… feminine. Everybody I knew wanted to create a woman. And I, choose to create an handsome kitty-dude. Meow !

IMG_3330 - Copie

The game is an MMORPG sandbox. Basics : you have quests, you need to kill monsters, rescue poor souls, talk to people, run from here to there, kill monsters again, talk to other people, get rewards, and reroll.  You can build your house, I heard. You get a pet you can grow & ride around lvl10. Mine ? A LION. A FREAKING LION ! *sunglasses on*

I basically do not like MMORPGs. I tried many times, though. Ragnarok, Mythos, and such. I just do not get the vibe everyone has. I may be enthusiastic for few days, but then I completely stop. Will this one be different ? Maybe. Or maybe I will just want to show off my kitty-dude.

     Title said ‘bird’, what ‘bird’ ?

Two years ago, bro & I saved a bird from our old cat in the garden. We kept it a bit at home, so that he could heal calmly, protected form predators. Sadly, one night, he died from a cardiac arrest. Three weeks ago, as Asdranor was coming to our place, he almost ran over a little guy on the boulevard, few meters from here. We took it home. He is fine, friendly, charismatic, growing – and despite what some said on the Internet, still quite alive! And the cats ? Mine is scared as hell, the other do not care. Being quite famous on a french gamer forum (don’t ask me why), we finally got him to social medias. So if you want to follow the guy, here it is : Jason Jay.


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