And suddenly, an unexpected trip to Paris. (2/2)

Following my article about the Japan Expo during my unexpected trip to Paris, here is something else I did : visiting Museum with my mum. She is a (amateur, she says !) photographer, and it is pretty nice to go photography viewing with her !

Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP)

‘European House for Photography’, if you really want to translate the name. This is an awesome place for photography lovers, but also for people that do not know anything about it and just want to enjoy it for a bit.

IMG_2155This time, there was a beautiful exhibition by photographer Françoise Hugier. There were few different themes exposed. Above, are my favorite pictures, ending up as phone and desktop wallpaper. There were gigantic, on a wall, with a third one I did not like as much. It was a small part of the exhibition, in one room, with pictures taken in Siberia.

Exhibition at the Rodin Museum : Mapplethrope / Rodin

mapple roddin

It was amazing ! Mapplethrope is an amazing photographer, even if you do not particularly enjoy the work he did on masculine genitalia. My favorite picture of the exhibition was the watermeloon, and I would not even know why. Along with his work was sculptor Rodin’s work. His hands, damn ! Just look at them. The movement is so perfectly done.

Why put the two of them together, you may ask ? This is quite simple. Through their work, they both considered the human body as sculpture, experimenting with texture, etc. It was extremely interesting to see the link between a photograph and a sculpture, two very different things, seen through the eyes of different people, at very different times, but we the same idea.

Study on flowers

IMG_2243The Rodin Museum is a private Museum, with a very nice garden and a small castle. I took a few shots of the amazing roses growing in there. Turned out pretty nicely. Sadly, as the museum was closing, I could not take so many.


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