“Three illustrations for table 2, please !”

” Coming right away ! “

This is quite a funny story, now that I think about it. When I was very young, my brother used to draw a bit, inspired by the Diablo universe especially – we were playing most of the time, so this is definitely understandable. I enjoyed his little comics about Willy the car racer – full of politically incorrect jokes – , and admired his talent and patience for that sort of work. Once, I got an assignment for school : writing a short story, making it into a tiny book. Of course, I asked my brother for illustrations. I mean, it was about dragons & knights, that was exactly to his capacities. The result was pretty awesome, even if did not seem too proud of it.

Sadly, this is the only drawing I could find from back then :


Today, the next generation is doing the same. My brother does not draw that much at all, it is not his thing. On the contrary, I never stopped trying to get my own style, perfecting my ability any way I could. The whole family thinks I do great, and my little sister just happened to ask me for pictures to illustrate a story she is writing with a friend for another friend’s departure to another city. The story is surprisingly  interesting, by the way. Not that I did not expect them to write such a plot, I knew my sister had the talent (not her first story, and she has an amazing imagination !), but I really wonder how long they spent on it.

To fill you up on the scenario, it is a story about three noble girls with magical powers. Huh, wait… that is making it far too simple. And you probably are thinking of Japanese anime-like heroins with colorful outfits, wings, and stupid transformation songs. Let me tell you, it is not the case. At all. It is about rotten politics, assassins, murders, betrayal… plus a tiny bit of friendship. Takes place in a not-so-modern world, where individuals having powers are superior, especially if they are from one of the great families. The three girls are trained to become assassins for the council – a bunch of old dudes blinded by their own evil schemes, for most – from a very early age. Their powers ? Mind control (want to share your opinion and have everybody agree, or suggest to someone to kill his parents then himself ? no prob.), blood pressure regulation (exploding vessels here & there, causing terrible damages to organs…), and shadow control (moving incognito through it, attacking people with it…). Yep, nothing too childish. Anyway, I will keep my fingers from giving any more information. I will greatly encourage them to share the story, once done, then direct a link to it later. Maybe this will become a famous book in the future, who knows ?

After some explanations and few reads, I drew what I was asked for, being actually terribly free for the character design. One had to have a black cape, the other a coat & , and the last a blue-ish tone & no boobs. Without even a sketch, just blurry ideas in mind, I outlined the misses and their animals. Black ink. Scan. Coloration with ‘toshop. Done. That one last point is what makes a huge difference between now and then. My brother drew everything with a pencil, and left it that way – I do that all the time too, am just trying to… modernify ? Technology really is fantastic.

Now, now. Here I present you HadjerCeylanEres.


EDIT : The book is out ! I made few more illustrations, in addition to those three – but black and white. Also, I wrote the last chapter. Availabe at TheBookEdition.com


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