Run for the lens !

The “Labo Révélateur d’Images” (Developing Pictures Lab) is an association organizing photography courses, artistic interventions in schools, meetings between amateur and pro photographers, talks about picture construction, and a yearly event called Photo Marathon.

For the fourteenth consecutive year, the Marathon will happen around mid-May, for hundreds of individuals to test their creativity. 24 hours to illustrate 12 themes with a picture each. It is the one event photography-amateurs living in Bordeaux should anticipate the most, and the occasion for anybody to have some fun in a marathon without getting breathless.


May 16th, 6pm : You get in line to pick up a 12 poses film or 12 poses disposable camera. This is also the time of discovery, the themes are brought to light. Now starts the brainstorming. What does it inspire in you ? What will be your photography subject ? What link will you forge between the pictures ?

May 17th, 6pm : It is the return of your film or camera, still winded from the run. The great wait until June 14th…

June 14th, 7pm : Viewing premiere of the exhibition, and award ceremony. The evening is accompanied by some drinks, appetizers, music and improvisation match.

Evaluated by a jury made of six photography lovers and artists, the awarding is separated in two : a winning series & three pictures for each theme. That is why you need to see the whole theme list as a story, told by pictures. To find a unity in your shooting process.

I had the chance of participating with my mother in 2007 at age 14, and four years ago with my sister as a model. The Marathon evolved greatly in those many years. At the time I first tried, two of my nine pictures – film got cut off – got pre-selected. As I was not expecting anything at all, I was rather proud of my work. My second try had a wide impact on me, as three of my twelve pictures got ranked 1st (“Hold it tightly”), 2nd (“Between wolf & dog”) and 3rd (“Galactic depth”) for their respective themes. One of them even became a favorite, printed especially for me to keep.

" Galactic Depth " - hanged with majesty on my kitchen wall

” Galactic Depth ” – hanged with majesty on my kitchen wall

The process of reflection behind every picture is what makes the entirety of the Marathon the challenge it is for photographers. The shooting cannot exceed the assigned 24 hours. For 15 hours, you may even not have taken more than two pictures. And you will rush. Your brain will make you immortalize your subject in the quickest manner. I remember last time, thinking through every possibility before me, testing out my staging skills, taking my time to get the best picture… When my master piece actually was the last taken, as last resort, with whatever I stumbled upon. “Galactic Depth, you say ? Milky way… milk… cereals as stars… Let us recreate that !” I did not think it was that out of the box at that moment, but it apparently was ! Half, if not two thirds, of the contestants captured their toilet bowl…

dearly encourage you to participate in order to surpass yourself, folks.


About J. Mad

Sleep deprived bioinformatics student. Traveler. VG addict. FGC Mama. Barmaid & amateur voice. Jack-of-all-trades with too many passions. FR / ENG / DE / JP
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